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Rights of Way - Public Path Orders (PPOs)

Public Path Orders are made with a view to creating, diverting or stopping up public rights of way. Public Path Orders may result in public inquiries if an order is opposed.

Temporary Public Path Orders may be made for the purposes of temporarily closing or diverting public rights of way; for example, in the interests of public safety.

There are several types of order making powers, including:

  • the stopping up of a path on the ground that it is not needed for public use (S.118 Highways Act 1980)
  • the diversion of a path where it is in the interests of the landowner or of the public (S.119 Highways Act 1980)
  • the diversion, creation or removal of a path to allow development to take place (S.257/S.258/S.261 Town and Country Planning Act 1990)

The following order making powers are also used, often in connection with applications under the above sections, although the resulting orders are not generally referred to as “Public Path Orders”:

  • the stopping up or diversion of a path by Magistrates (S.116 Highways Act 1980)
  • the creation of a new length of path by agreement (S.25 Highways Act 1980) or by order (S.26 Highways Act 1980)

The most common are applications by members of the public under sections 118 and 119 of the Highways Act 1980. We aim to deal with applications in date order. Inevitably, however, applications which are opposed will take longer to deal with than those which are not.

For Further Information

Please ring the Public Rights of Way Section on 01225 713392, or email rightsofway@wiltshire.gov.uk



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